choose voip solution for call center

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What needs to be taken into account while choosing an IP phone for the call center?

IP-telephones for contact-center

IP-phone – the main tool in the work of employees of the company that implemented IP PBX. If headsets are usually used by call-center operators, then for the managers and supervisors it is desirable to purchase a fixed or portable VoIP phone.

Modern IP phones have great functionality compared to even the most expensive analog phones. IP Asterisk ATS allows you to take advantage of a wide range of telephone services using IP-phones installed in the workplaces.

Choose your favorite model of IP-phone (call center headsets) and call any numbers like from a regular phone, but with a number of additional features that are not available to subscribers of institutional mini-ATS.

Recommended models of IP phones

There is a fairly wide range of IP telephones available at the market for the work of supervisors and call-center operators. The models are presented in different price ranges. We recommend IP-phones Fanvil (fixed IP-phones) or Siemens Gigaset (DECT IP-phones).

IP-phone Fanvil BW210

Fanvil BW210 – stationary IP-phone at a low price, with support for SIP (including several SIP-servers). Interfaces: LAN, WAN. Built-in phone book for 500 contacts. Echo cancellation, voice activity recognition, comfort noise generation, caller ID, call hold and waiting, conference call, web-interface.

Optimal device for the ratio of price/quality. You can install supervisor and supervisor of the contact center on the workstations. It is easy to install (it is connected to the local network of the company) and is reliable in operation. Recommended for stationary workplaces in call-centers.

IP-phone Siemens Gigaset C470 IP

Siemens Gigaset C470 IP – wireless DECT IP phone with SIP (including several SIP-servers) support and a color LCD-display. Interfaces: LAN, FXO. Possibility to connect a headset. The number of lines: 6. Built-in phone book for 150 contacts.

One of the few SIP-phones supporting DECT (wireless radio communication). There is an opportunity to make calls both through IP-network and through a fixed line. There is a set of dial plans for automatically making calls over the Internet. Good quality of communication. Separate database and charging module for the telephone tube. Powerful battery, there is a backlit screen and keyboard.

Where to buy an IP Phone?

You can purchase an IP phone for a contact center from local VoIP equipment vendors. As a rule, the most running models from sellers are always available. If the necessary model of the IP phone is not available, it can always be ordered via the Internet. Be careful and do not mistake in the name of the model.