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How to prepare for the implementation of the Call Center?

It is considered that in most cases girls are the main call center employees.

Have you decided to create a call center? Great idea for your business! Below we will describe what the modern contact center is and what business tasks it can solve.

To make the call center work efficiently, you will need knowledge about its capabilities, functions, and operating conditions and how to make all parts of the system work as a whole. We are ready to share with you these secrets.

When choosing a call center, it is necessary to determine in advance the main parameters of the future complex. The most important element of the contact center is a technological platform. The productivity of the call center depends on the coordinated work of the server hardware and software.

The organization of the working space of the call center also greatly affects the efficiency of its work. The call center premises must have good sound insulation, and equipment for call center operators is convenient and practical.

If you plan to implement remote workplaces or a distributed call center, it is necessary to conduct appropriate training in the areas where the contact center offices are located, especially regarding the creation of reliable Internet channels between the offices.

Call-center functions

Modern call-centers and contact centers provide a wide range of functions for processing both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Virtual secretary
  • Interactive voice menu
  • Autoinformer for receiving calls
  • Auto-dialer
  • Conference call: audio and video conferences
  • Telemarketing and telephone sales
  • Telephone surveys and questionnaires
  • Call center hotline
  • Fax server for sending and receiving faxes
  • Dispatch of SMS messages

Separately, it is necessary to distinguish the function of the call center, which is connected with the processing of data by subscribers: CRM-system

Comparison of call centers

Depending on the scale and the tasks assigned to the contact center, you can select the appropriate call center configuration. For small and medium-sized businesses, we recommend the Asterisk system. Call center on the Asterisk platform is characterized by more functional and high reliability in comparison with conventional PBXs.

Comparing the call centers of different developers, it is necessary to pay attention to their main functions – polls, SMS-sending, telemarketing, hotline, faxing and others. It is important to determine the scalability of the solution in the future: the contact center should easily expand.

Advantages and disadvantages of call centers

Call center allows you to improve the speed and quality of call processing, and, accordingly, increase the loyalty of the company’s customers. Good feedback from customers, provided by the contact center, gives the company undoubted advantages in the market. The free number 8-800 here also benefits. To provide the search of clients and cope with the growth of a stream of references it is much easier, applying modern call center.

Unfortunately, a poorly organized or insufficiently powerful call center can serve as a reason for the outflow of customers. Therefore, the introduction of a call center requires not only certain financial costs but also optimization of the company’s business processes.

Quality And Speed Of The Call Center

The main parameters by which the call center can be evaluated is the average waiting time (ASA, Average Speed of Answer), the percentage of calls interrupted by subscribers during the waiting period (AR, Abandon Rate) and the percentage of calls connected up to the set time limit (SL , Service Level). The ASA parameter shows how long the client has to wait for the connection. The norm for AR is 3-4%. However, one should strive to ensure that at least 80% of calls are connected to the operator within 20 seconds. With IVR, this period may slightly increase, but preferably not more than 2 minutes.

By combining the number of channels, the structure of the voice menu and the number of call center operators, you can achieve the desired indicators and achieve any quality of call service quality.