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Call-center (contact-center) is a software and hardware system for mass processing of incoming calls and calling clients. Modern call centers (CTS) handle not only telephone calls, but also calls via e-mail and ordinary mail, faxes, work with calls in the online chat mode.

Cloud Call Center CloudContact has added new reporting indicators and a powerful outbound phone system

Version 3.10 Cloud Call Center CloudContact includes new reporting indicators and a powerful outbound phone system. It offers a full range of options for calling: Preview / Progressive / Predictive / Automatic. The updated functionality of outgoing calls has additional functions: automatic detection of the encoding of calling sheets and types of fields, a convenient campaign debugger, and 10 new options. Services and personnel controlled by real-time statistics can be sorted by any of the displayed statistical parameters. The last line of the performance indicators now shows the total values for the selected indicators. The new version of the virtual call center includes the possibility of joint analysis of conversations, chat, and e-mail, as well as the organization of a conference in the Single-step mode at the operator’s workplace.

Genesys Launched A Dumping War In The Market For Software For Call Centers

Genesys decided to lure users of competitors, reducing their prices for their software for contact centers Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution almost twice. As specified in Genesys, competitors, in this case, are Avaya, Alcatel Lucent, Aspect and Unify. Users who choose to refuse loyalty can purchase the Genesys platform (Business Edition Premise) at a 44% discount if the number of operators in their contact center is less than 150 people, and with a 20% discount if the number of staff exceeds this number.

Infinitysmart – Call-Center With CRM Functions And Helpdesk

IntelTelecom Company presented a new product – InfinitySmart, which combines the key functions of the Call Center and the most significant blocks of CRM and Service Desk systems. In the new product you will find the most important functions of the contact center: call distribution, queue management, voice menu, call recording and operator control functions. The manager works in a single window, where he sees all customer orders, can create a contract, an account and acts of completed work in a few clicks taking into account all the features of the sale. All requests for advice, configuration, repair, complaints are recorded in InfinitySmart by your customers through a convenient web-interface. Also, the product has all the necessary capabilities for planning its work schedule and delegating tasks to colleagues. The system has the necessary basic reports, with which you can start working from the first day of using the system.

Mango-Office Added Analytical Tools To Its Call Center

Call Center Mango Office has expanded the ability to control the quality of service in real time. New metrics, including those used by large call centers, will allow small and medium-sized companies to maintain a high level of service and optimize staff time. In particular, the metrics “Service Level” and “Average waiting time in the queue” will allow you to monitor important parameters of service quality, directly affecting customer satisfaction and sales volumes. The DAC scoreboard allows you to monitor other important parameters for incoming calls, such as the number of received and missed calls, the number of calls in the queue, the workload of employees, the number of free operators and the percentage of immediate response. Also in the panel added characteristics of outgoing calls, among which – the intensity of the operators, the percentage of dial up and the average talk time.

VoIP Contact Center Cisco For Oracle Siebel CRM

NAVAT and CTI have integrated the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) VoIP contact center with Oracle Siebel CRM. The received solution allows automating the work of two systems for outgoing marketing campaigns, the collection of debts, reception, and registration of incoming calls from customers. When an incoming call is made in the CRM system, the client card is displayed, and when the call is switched, the active screen of the application is transmitted, which allows the next employee to continue communicating with the client without having to repeat the questions. “This is the first UCCE integration project with the new version of Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1.1. As usual, we offer our potential customers to look at the work of the demo stand in real time, with the ability to make and receive calls, “says Ivan Sergeyev, head of NAVAT’s CRM business.