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Regardless of what your company does, it is quite difficult to achieve success without a well-established contact with the target audience. SMS marketing has been a leader among other methods of attracting customers for many years. Why? If for the majority of people of solvent age the Internet remains a source of information about the weather, and mass emails are tracked and punished by postal agents, then everyone uses the phone and no one sends incoming messages to spam.

Together with SMS-Smart web platform team, we have prepared a small explanation of the nature of SMS marketing. Let’s dive into it.

Mobile marketing is divided into two global types: PUSH and PULL.

PUSH Method

This is when you have collected a database of phone numbers and send a short number on all phones from the base of something like “Today in our store discounts on fish – come try it!”. Effective? If you bought this database on the Internet, the effectiveness of such distribution can be equated to shooting a gun at sparrows. Most of the people who read your message probably can’t physically reach you. Another thing, if the phone you have left the buyers of your store by filling in a form with the subject “I Want to receive news about discounts for fish!”- this makes the newsletter legal and effective.

What’s the Advantage of Push Method?

You focus only on those customers who are interested in buying the goods you offer so the percentage who came to you for fish (let’s focus on this example) will be unspeakably greater than in the first case. The downside is that many customers are deterred by the need to leave their data to third parties, fill out forms, register and so on.

But the usual information about the possibility to buy cheaper is not as effective as, for example, a message from the nearest coffee shop “Show this SMS and get a second Cup of coffee for free!”. Here it hits right on target! First, almost everyone drinks coffee. Free coffee drink at all. But a reasonable person will not go to a coffee shop to drink two coffees at once (even for nothing) – he will bring a girlfriend (friend/mother/grandmother)! And still will order to a Cup of fragrant drink on a piece of expensive cake or on a bowl of ice cream. And something else. So you got a client who paid a substantial bill and was lucky enough to tip the waiters. And all this – at the price of a tablespoon of ground coffee and rent a short room. This method is actively used and shops offering a solid one-time discount on a certain group of products.

The PULL method

The PULL method means that the people themselves will write you a message. Of course, previously you have to interest them in this. The classic pull-marketing scheme looks like this: send the code from under the lid and get a Cup with hearts (magnet/chocolate/box for caps). Despite its prevalence, this scheme is almost guaranteed to be of interest to consumers, the main thing – to competently conduct an advertising campaign for the action. The inscription in small letters “And we have action!” on the inside of the label or at the bottom of the jar – bad. Information stands or posters in retail outlets – good.

The advantages of the method are obvious – sales will certainly increase, and to Charter a short number and buy a car of cups with hearts will not be difficult. Cons – in advertising, the prize Fund and the organization will have to invest some money.

Quizzes can be considered a combination of the previous types. You will also need a customer base, but you write to her not “Buy fish!” what do you know about fish? Answer N questions and get a one-year supply of fish!”. Pros – the desire to show themselves, a passion for gambling and love for freebies our fellow citizens absorb with mother’s milk, so the interest of the clientele and brand awareness you will increase. Cons – the requirement to send a paid message with the dubious prospect of winning many will be treated with suspicion.

So what in the end, what method to use?

Advise someone is meaningless. Combine, experiment, surprise – and people will surely reach for you!