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What to pay attention while choosing the VoIP gateway for call center operation?

VoIP gateway for Asterisk

VoIP-gateway is one of the devices that often implemented in solutions based on IP Asterisk PBX. Gateways serve to transform the telephone signal received from the provider from one type to another, understandable to the program – IP PBX.

VoIP equipment can differ in its design. There are system boards to be installed into the motherboard of the computer (in the PCI slot) and external gateways. Both convert the telephony into IP packets so that Asterisk can process them at the program level.

Is it possible to set up everything without a VoIP gateway?

If you work with Asterisk, then you can. Only in the case that the communication operator will provide you with IP-telephony (that is, telephony over the Internet, rather than analog or digital telephony). In other cases, you cannot do without a VoIP device.

Recommended VoIP gateway models

If the telecom provider provides you with telephony over analog telephone lines, we recommend that you purchase a Digium series TDM410P (4-port) or TDM800P (8 ports).

Digium board

The TDM800P is a PCI card that has 8 ports for RJ-11 connections. By means of a personal computer, analog phones and analog lines of the city telephone network can be connected to the motherboard.

The Digium TDM800P has 2 slots, each of which can be inserted either 1 analog module for 4 lines (FXS and FXO), or 2 analog modules per 1 line (FXS and FXO). This configuration flexibility allows you to create various combinations of FXS / FXO ports in the quantity from 1 to 8.

IP PBX by Asterisk with one or more cards Digium is a multifunctional telephone exchange for a small office (analog of a mini-PBX).

If you have analog telephone lines, you can also use an external VoIP gateway, such as D-Link DVG-6004S (4-port) or D-Link DVG-6008S (8 ports).

VoIP gateway D-Link

D-Link DVG-6008S – Voice Gateway with 8 FXO ports, 1 WAN port 10 / 100Base-TX, 4 LAN ports 10 / 100Base-TX. It provides the call center \ contact center VoIP connected to an analog telephone line for receiving and transmitting voice. Equipped with 8 FXO ports for connection to telephone lines.

If the service provider provides you with digital telephony – E1 stream, we recommend purchasing a Digium TE120P (1 E1 port), Digium TE205P (2 E1 ports) or Digium TE405P (4 E1 ports).

E1 Digium board

The Digium TE205P card is a PCI card, which has 2 ports for E1 connections. By means of a personal computer, two digital E1 streams can be connected to the card.

The Digium TE205P supports E1 channels with the ability to configure the mode for each port. This allows the use of low-cost E1 channel banks to connect to E1 streams. The TE205 board has an increased input \ output speed (I / O), which reduces the load on the processor and makes it possible to increase the density of the cards on the server.

The driver distributed in the source code provides a full-fledged application development interface (API) for individual development for your own needs.

The Digium TE205P supports industrial voice and data standards, including ISDN PRI (European and North American standards), PPP, Cisco HDLC, Frame Relay.

Please note: the Digium TE205P card works with a PCI bus with a voltage of 5 volts.

There are other models of VoIP gateways – both cheaper (and, alas, less reliable, for example, Parabel), and in a more expensive segment (here it is necessary to note the quality products of Sangoma).

Analog Digium Cards

Up to 4 FXS / FXO ports:

Digium TDM410 for PCI bus

Digium AEX410 – for PCI Express slot

Up to 8 FXS / FXO ports:

Digium TDM800P for PCI bus

Digium AEX800 – for PCI Express slot

Up to 24 FXS / FXO ports:

Digium TDM2400P for PCI bus

Digium AEX2400 – for PCI Express slot

Digital boards Digium

1-port Digium cards:

Digium TE120P – for PCI bus 3.3 / 5 volts

Digium TE121P for PCI Express

Digium TE121B – TE121 + hardware echo cancellation

Digium TE122P – for PCI bus 3.3 / 5 volts

Digium TE122B – TE122 + hardware echo cancellation

2-port Digium cards:

Digium TE205P – for PCI bus 32bit 5 volt

Digium TE210P – for PCI 64bit 3.3-volt bus

Digium TE207P – TE205 + hardware echo cancellation

Digium TE212P – TE210 + hardware echo cancellation

Digium TE220 for PCI Express (PCIe)

Digium TE220B – TE220 + hardware echo cancellation

4-port Digium cards:

Digium TE405P – for PCI bus 32bit 5 volt

Digium TE407P – TE405 + hardware echo cancellation

Digium TE410P – for PCI 64bit 3.3 volt bus

Digium TE412P – TE410 + hardware echo cancellation

Digium TE420 for PCI Express (PCIe)

Digium TE420B – TE420 + hardware echo cancellation.