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A common task at the call center (or any other company dealing with customers) is to notify a group of people about the event. At the same time, it’s not easy, because you have to send messages with different content for the client, operator, and manager, and often through different channels (like SMS or e-mail).

If you work with CRM you can set up a message system in the CRM module, but you can also prepare templates for messages of any complexity, determine the conditions for generating alerts, and more flexible to determine the recipients at the SMS system itself.

So, how set up and use the feature of automatic SMS notification?

First, you need to create message templates. You can create them, as many as you need – one for each case. You can make them versatile and use for SMS and e-mail messages, but it’s best for each type to make templates with an individual design.

To create message templates, you need to have the global manage alerts option. Templates are created using the editor. Editing allows the use of tables, pictures and a variety of colors. It can also be useful to copy from Microsoft Word, where the text is saved. If you do not need to save the formatting settings when copying, use copy “as text” from the menu by right-clicking the mouse button.

Please, note that you can include in the notification any contact information from his card at the customer database. All these features are flexible set up.

You can add the display of any question and answer from the completed questionnaire script to the notification. To do this, you must specify the question number and response number in the form of the formula, which you need to create beforehand. Let’s analyze the possible example of the symbols that can be used:

  • Q – question, it’s a question
  • X is the sequence number of the question
  • A – answer, it’s the same answer
  • Y is the sequence number of the answer

This example is suitable for the case when you know exactly which answer you want to see in the notification. What if you do not know what will be the answer to a specific question? To do this, you must specify the question number in the script and do not specify the answer number:

# Q1a – so the notification will display any given answer to the first question.

ACD notifications are used to notify clients about the queue schedule, operators and managers about missed and received calls, the presence of voice mail, cases of redirection, etc.

Addressees can be both the client and the operator, and third parties with phones or email addresses – clickable tips will help with writing recipients.

All the features for SMS and E-mail alerts notification implementation depend on the functionality of your CRM and bulk SMS system. Besides, any custom features can be developed on demand according to your needs. All you need to do is to find the reliable bulk SMS provider and a software development company and create detailed technical specifications according to the unique needs of your business.

Good luck!

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