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Stable communication with the consumer is one of the key tasks for the successful operation of any business related to sales or services. One will agree it is difficult to imagine the work of an online store, a bank or, let’s say, a travel company without customer support. If such a need exists for your organization, then it remains to solve only one question, which invariably confronts every successful entrepreneur, is it possible to organize an effectively operating call-center with minimum expenses? If so, how? This we will talk about.

The organization of the call center is a process that requires considerable resources. Now an alternative solution for small and medium-sized businesses is gaining popularity – call center outsourcing. The main advantage of the call-center working on this scheme: the customer is provided with a ready-made solution that can be easily formalized, measured, transferred and scaled. But is this always so and is it worth investing in the development of a call-center

Call-center: what is it for and how does its work affect business performance

If we talk about the feasibility of creating a call-center, then, first of all, it is worth mentioning that the solution lies in the sphere of the quality of service. Today, each of us even had to call one company at least once. At the same time, not always we were satisfied: it is impossible to get through, then the operator on the phone cannot answer the question, it speaks somehow indistinctly. As a result, we hang up with a vexation and call back to another company where there are no problems with communications. Now imagine what your customers are doing … that is, they are not yours anymore!

Among those who need call centers, you can identify IT companies, banks, representatives of offline and online trade, services, government agencies, insurance agencies, transport and manufacturing companies. In addition, this is not surprising, because the activities of all these types of organizations are associated with “support” of customers. If your business belongs to one of the listed categories, then the question of necessity should automatically go to the category of solved. The effectiveness of this tool is confirmed by practice and numerous positive feedback.

And the popular Russian portal cites statistics, with which it is easy to agree:

  • 50% of customers shift to competitors, being dissatisfied with the quality of service;
  • 20% of clients think about moving to a competitor if they are not satisfied with the experience of the last communication;
  • 84% of customers are willing to pay more for the better quality of service, 56% of them are ready to pay more by 10%, 24% – by 15%, 20% – by 20%.

According to different data after starting the call-center, the outflow of customers reduces by 5-10%, there are almost no missed calls.

How The Call Center Works And What Is Needed To Create It

The goals of the call center largely depend on the type of organization that uses this tool. But in most cases, companies set the following tasks:

  • The organization of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Call clients for the purpose of conducting marketing research or actions;
  • Providing communications in two or more languages;
  • Multichannel phone number, often – free for customers.

And these are just a few basic positions that directly affect the efficiency and profitability of the business.

Needless to say, the organization of the call-center is not always an easy task, it is the important responsible approach, as well as attention to all the details of the process. Let’s say your company has defined the goals and results that it wants to achieve. Next, you will need:

  • Premises provided with communication channels;
  • Free phone number, preferably 8-800, etc.;
  • Special software for call-centers, allowing to make and receive calls, redirect calls, collect statistics;
  • Equipped workplaces;
  • Qualified personnel – operators and back-office.
  • contact center software.

Keep in mind that it is not everything to implement the initial setup of equipment and train employees. For effective work, constant support of the department’s functioning is necessary:

  • Maintenance of equipment and software;
  • Regular measures to improve the quality of service.

The question that has to be answered is – will all these efforts and expenditures be repaid?

If you approach the organization of the call-center creatively, even unfavorable situations can turn in your favor.

Good luck!